Turning The Spotlight On....A Separation (2011 Best Foreign Language Film)

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    In this day of tireless Hollywood epics with huge explosions
    and thoughtless storytelling, it's so refreshing to watch a film
    as simple as A Separation and realize its brilliance.


    The 2011 Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language
    Film is a domestic drama about middle-class Iranian couple
    going through the complexities of a separation. As the film
    begins, we meet Nader (Peyman Noadi) and his wife, Simin
    (Leila Hatami) who are sitting before a magistrate arguing
    their case for disunion. Simin wishes to leave the country and
    make a better life for their young daughter. Nader, a decent
    hard-working banker, refuses to leave his Alzheimer-stricken
    father behind.

    During the next two hours, a fascinating story unfolds as
    Nader hires a young woman named Razieh (Sereh Bayat)
    to come to his home and take care of his father. A few days
    later, upon returning from work, Nader finds his father alone, tied
    to the bed. What has happened to his caretaker? What ensues
    would only spoil the heart of this ever-twisting story. However, if
    you would really like minor spoilers, check out the film's trailer below.


    The film is presented in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The transfer has
    a very warm, natural feel to it with excellent color balance. The
    film's dialogue and music seemed to be completely spread across
    the front channels which I found to be fine. My engrossment within
    the film's storytelling had no need for enhanced environmental sound.

    The film is completely subtitled in English or French. There is an
    optional commentary with Writer/Director Asghar Farhadi as well as
    two additional featurettes.


    What is amazing to watch is the powerful true-to-life performances
    from the film's gifted actors. It's rather astonishing to watch such
    a simplistic, low-budget film succeed solely on its storytelling and
    acting, keeping its viewers riveted to the screen right through the
    ending credits. This deeply moving drama deserves the acclaim
    it has received and such, I give it my highest recommendation.

    Available September 21st

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