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    Im currently in the market to get a home theater system which would include many things. The regular theater setup for my family room(5.1 setup), 4 speakers for outdoor on my deck, and 2 speakers down in my basement (in-ceiling speakers). I went to a home theater specialists' store and was reccomended a Sherwood reciever, some Elac speakers, and some TruAudio speakers. This is just a speaker post, so what Im curious about is the TruAudio speakers.... I have been able to research both Sherwood recievers and Elac speakers to find out what I want to know about those, but I cant seem to find much on TruAudio. They seem to have a good reputation as a company, but I need to know how their speakers perform. I would be getting 4 TruAudio speakers model OP-5 for outdoors, 2 5.5" coaxial in-ceiling speakers for my basement, and 2 WA-6 in wall-speakers for part of my theater set-up in the family room. I havent been able to find any reviews on these speakers during my research, and was hoping someone on this forum would be knowledgable and able to enlighten me. Please help if you can and I hope that description of my future set-up was not too confusing...

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