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    Quick Review on Tron T1 Daft Punk Edition Headphones
    First look at the Tron T1 Daft Punk Edition Headphones, very nice and stylish!
    Monster is launching an entire set of TRON branded products. These T1 headphones are part of the initial release of a handful of products. There is also a Daft Punk edition that are similar, but colored white. Now we are going to take a look at the $229.00 Monster Tron T1 Daft Punk Headphones (White) on
    35% off Monster Tron T1 Daft Punk Headphones (White)
    Monster Tron T1 Daft Punk Headphones feature Disney's famous Tron design, with an innovative LED light-drive system that lights up to a cool blue on the earcups. Though a bit large, as the T1's are an over-ear design, they are still quite light and comfortable. Besides, it's definitely awesome if ya wanna rock some flashy headphones. The stylish high-tech design comes with electro-plated steel that is reflective and which can be polished. From this, you will probably infer that these headphones are intended to provide high-def surround sound in cinema and gaming applications.
    Tron T1 Daft Punk Edition Headphones are very nice and stylish; and they also have great audio.
    You'll hear an even balance of mids and highs, without the over bassy effect of some other headphones. Also, the over-ear design provides passive sound isolation, so they’re great for keeping out external sounds. The Tron inspired light-up design is totally awesome and the incredible sound quality and noise isolation features makes Monster's new Tron T1 Headphones perfect for your favorite tunes, flicks, or games.
    There are white Monster Tron T1 Daft Punk Headphones and black Monster Tron T1 Daft Punk Headphones at, just pick up either color you prefer to, with surprising $229!

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