Triad Silver InRoom Sub

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    This unit has a 12" version of Triad's flagship Platinum PowerSubs 18" driver. A massive 120 ounce magnet provides incredible control and power when directed by a discrete AB 250 watt amplifier. A Triad manufactured and extensively braced enclosure keeps unwanted cabinet resonances from blurring the sound of this exceptional subwoofer. This unit was made all the way up until 2 years ago and sold for $1400 in 2008 and $1250 in 2000. W - 15.5" H w/ Feet 16.25" D w/ amp - 15 3/8" Weight 70lbs Single 12" Cast basket, long excursion, coated paper cone woofer w/ 3" voice coil. Built in 250 watt into 4 ohms amplifier. Left & Right channel inputs with volume control for deepest frequency extension, or mono sub input with fixed gain configured for highest output from 40-80Hz. Adjustable phase control" 0-180 4 self leveling isolation feet Anechoic Freq response: 20Hz-180Hz (+/-3dB)

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