Transparent lines across LCD screen during DVD playback

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    Hi to you all! New user here!

    I experience a strange and annoying picture problem during playback of certain dvds.

    My equipment:

    Samsung LE40B535P7WXXE (TV) (Latest official firmware, unit purchased August 2nd, 2010)
    Pioneer DV-470K All Regions (DVD-Player) (Latest official firmware, unit purchased late Q4 of 2004, released in October 2004)
    Goldkabel Profi Scart 1m
    Goldkabel Highline Scart 2.5m
    Logitech Z-2300 2.1 THX Certified Speaker System

    Links to each cable:


    The problem:

    When I select Video output - Interlaced - Video - RGB there are transparent lines across the display, moving up and down. Sometimes the lines expand in width and then decrease. So far this has only appeared on two dvds: Justice League Unlimited Season 1 R1 and Batman Beyond Season releases.

    When I select Video output - Component - Progressive (not using an actual Component cable), the problem is gone and does not show again. Still the RGB mode has richer colors and it is slightly sharper and more crisp.
    It makes no difference which of the cables mentioned is being used.

    Also, in the component/progressive mode I hardly notice any difference between highest/lowest picture settings.
    With RGB however, there is a night and day difference immediately.

    Kind regards,


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