Transient Hot/Stuck Pixels on my LCD!?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Matt_Terpstra, Nov 11, 2007.

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    I bought a Sharp LC-37D62U TV just over a month ago and it out of the blue a number of hot/stuck pixels have manifested in the lower left hand area of the screen. The first episode just the other day involved 4 hot (white) pixels and 3 (1 red and 2 green) pixels all closely grouped in a cluster. This persisted for several hours. Turning the set on and off did not alleviate the problem, however later that same day when I turned the set on the screen was back to normal with not a single problem pixel!? After a few days of flawless operation, a group of 3 hot pixels has returned today in the same region of the screen (I believe they are probably the same pixels but its a tough call). However the stuck colored pixels have not returned this time. Based on my research transient dead pixels are rare...any thoughts on what may be causing this and whether or not Sharp will provide any support (the TV is under warranty).

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