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    I have a mint condition ACI Maestro in Honey Oak, that I would entertain trading for a pair of SVS subs. I had a pair of Maestro's and sold one, then realized that I really enjoy the balance of having 2 subs, but can't afford now to go out and buy another Maestro, hence the trade. The Maestro was 2495.00 plus shipping. I will trade retail to retail, with $$$ difference up or down, depending on what you have . Alot of you guys have wifes' that don't like your big SVS subs, so let's work a trade.
    The Maestro is mint and plays perfect. Inquire with ANYONE that has one as to it's capability's compared to SVS. I've owned 7 SVS subs, including the massive B12/4+, and these Maestro's are as good as any of them and better than some. Plus with the honey oak wood panels on mine, the wifes' love it !!!
    I can send pics and it's best to e-mail me direct, rather than posting here.

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