TOSLINK - Fiberoptic Toslink Cable - 38 Cables - Varying lengths - Make me an offer!

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    Apr 1, 2012
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    I have a box of TOSLINK Fiberoptic cables from a recent studio closure. Asking $200 or best reasonable offer.
    Includes the following: (None of these links are to sites I own... I have them here so you can see what I have to offer)
    2 x 25f ft (TT-80C-25) Premium (Like this: )
    5 x 3 ft (TT-80C-03) Premium (Like this one:
    4 x 1 ft (TT-80C-01) Premium as above
    18 x 1 ft (TT-50-01)
    4 x 50 ft (TT-50-50) (Like this one:
    5 other cables in this batch are included... 4 x about 6 feet and a extra 3 footer.
    I really hope I'm not breaking the rules by posing these links... they are just for illustrative purposes.
    Los Angeles area (SFV) but I'll ship if you pay the freight.
    Make me an offer.... I'll probably take it.

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