Toshiba SD4700 and Studio Voodoo DVD-Audio

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    I'm concerned that my Toshiba SD4700 player may have a compatibility issue with the Studio Voodoo DVD-Audio/DTS disc from DTS Entertainment. I'd love to hear from others who own both of these items. My email is:
    The Studio Voodoo disc does playback in MLP (DVD-Audio) mode, but I can faintly hear some digital noise or static in the front right, surround right, and to a lesser extent the center channel speaker. It's most noticeable from the front right speaker when the music is quiet or at the beginning or end of a song when there is little or no music. Perhaps my SD4700 is defective, but I'm not having any problem with the other 2 DVD-Audio discs I own. Also, the DTS tracks on Studio Voodoo playback without problem.
    3 things that bother me about the SD4700:
    1. CD playback quality (analog or coax digital output) is not as good as with the analog outputs of my 13 year old $200 Philips CD player. It's not a huge difference but in an A/B comparison, if I gave the Philips an 8.5, I'd give the Toshiba a 9 out of 10. The Toshiba is a bit thinner and harsher with less depth. I'll just have to keep my CD player hooked up too, instead of retiring it to another room. It's too much hassle to find another DVD player with better CD playback quality, while keeping me happy with the video playback and DVD-Audio capability (and with the price under $300). Or maybe the SD5700 would have improved CD playback because of the rumored better DAC's needed for HDCD.
    2. The transport is very noisy on the SD4700. In a dead quiet room and low volumes (or in between tracks when there is silence) I can hear the disc spinning from 15 feet away. I went to a store and put my ear up to a bunch of players. The Toshiba's were the noisiest. Sony's had a steady high frequency sound which may or may not be audible in a quiet listening room (too hard to tell in the noisy store). The JVC's and Samsung's were very quiet... I could hardly tell if the disc was playing or stopped. No Panasonic's at the store, but I've read that they are noisy too.
    3. My concern of the incompatibility of the SD4700 and the Studio Voodoo DVD-Audio disc.
    UPDATE: I'm going to be returning the Toshiba SD4700. My unit definitely has a problem with DVD-Audio discs...
    I bought a 4th DVD-Audio disc today ("Immersion" from a company called "Starkland") and it too has the digital noise problem with the MLP tracks. So this concludes that the Toshiba SD4700 player is at fault, and has some sort of compatibility problems with some discs (except my 2 Warner Brothers DVD-Audio releases which playback fine).
    One difference between the Warner Brothers releases vs. Studio Voodoo and Immersion, is that the Warner Brothers MLP tracks are 96kHz/24 bit, whereas I read that Studio Voodoo and Immersion's MLP tracks are 48/24. Perhaps the Toshiba player is having a problem with 96kHz MLP tracks. It plays them but there is a faint digital noise in the right channel speakers.

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