Toshiba RPTV 65HDX82 vs. 65h82

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Ben Yang, May 28, 2003.

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    I am finally taking the plunge to HDTV. Just ordered Comcast HD cable. They were offering high speed internet and HD cable will all premium channels for less than my dish. Anyway, now seems like the right time for a HDTV. Can't do FP in my family room; too much ambient light and no good place to project from. I have been a toshiba fan with their CRT's and read positive stuff here. MY question is this:
    65HDX82 vs. 65H82. Crazy eddie has both for about the same price. the hdx is actually cheaper. From tosh. website, looks like the HDX is the newer version. Is this correct? I plan to watch HDTV and DVD movies mostly using a HTPC with an AIW Radeon 9700. Also, Would be doing some internet surfing and computer games as well. For connection purposes, the AIW radeon can output VGA, DVI, and component.
    Is there another RPTV other than Tosh that people recommend for the above uses? Thanks

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