Tosh 50HDX82 has arrived in Calgary!!!!!

Discussion in 'Displays' started by McPaul, Jun 7, 2003.

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    How did this giant tv get here!!!!????!!!!!

    Toshiba 50HDX82

    Well this set is finally here, delivered around 2pm. It's real big in my living room. I immediately watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (that was in the player at the time). The very first scene when Dumbledore is zapping all the street lights and walking through the fog, I thought I noticed some artifacting in the fog scenes, especially to the left and right side of the screen. I watched until the sorting hat scene, and noticed no further defects. I have a NON-progressive player, Panasonic DVD-RV31. Perhaps Avia will clear that up. Avia is on order from AB Sound as we speak.

    Next, game 6 came on. I noticed a bright shimmering white around each of the players and refs, that was much whiter than the ice. I'm not sure what this was. A bit of color bleed on the scorebox (I watched the ABC broadcast) and some of the orange/red was leaking out of the box. In the third period about the 4-5 minute mark I thought I noticed 2 series' of flickers. about 8-10 bursts in maybe 5 seconds. This happened twice and I never noticed it afterwards. I will keep my eye on it. It could have been lights in the rink. I'm not sure. It was during the action, not after a ducks goal. There was no color burst upon turning off the set.

    The bars to the side watching cable are a bright grey with an orangey tint to them. Is there any way to make these darker?

    Otherwise text is sharp and crisp, convergence looked bang on, I did a touch focus on it right away. I watched the movers carefully and they were very careful with the set.

    Some concerns with it being factory fresh:
    It did have a box which was strapped on, however there is a very slight imperfection on the top right corner on the actual cabinet not the part that holds the screen on. You can see the woody color of the fiberboard. You can't see it when you look straight on at the corner about from 2 feet away in a lighted room. Also the manual was sealed by a strip of masking tape, which I also thought was odd. It was a professional job so part of me wonders if the set was reconditioned at the factory and then professionally boxed up. Anyways, it didin't look like futureshop sales drones did it, and I'm ok with that. I might call toshiba and see if there is any history of this serial number/chassis number. Because I wonder if it might have been factory reconditioned. otoh, maybe television manuals are sealed with little bits of masking tape. (every other tape was normal scotch, or whatever).

    The Paradigm studio cc fits on the top which I wouldn't think it would. sticks out a centimeter or so on the back. what do I stick under this thing to point it down at my listening position now? I don't want it falling off the front end of the set though!!

    All in all I am very happy with this set and have to go out and purchase component video cables (currently only using composite vid to the dvd player, as that's all the last tv set had!) and avia.

    Once those two things come my way, I'm sure this set will look amazing!!

    I wont be ISF'ing this set until I move (no, I'm not planning for a move in the very near future, but do want to buy a new place in a year or two, better than my current small apartment at least) and an ISF I'm guessing is just too much $$$ that I'd rather put down on a townhouse. I will be calling Michael TLV when I am ready.

    I type on my computer a lot and have the tv on in the background. I'm actually quite impressed at the side view of this set. My couch and chair are at an L shape in front of the tv. (maybe about 12 feet from tv wall to couch wall, and some walking space between the chair and the coffee table, my computer desk is right behind my chair, so it must be about 6 feet from my computer chair to the right side of the tv cabinet, and about 5 feet from my computer chair to be even with the front of the set, and I can still see everything. It's not quite as bright but very good nonetheless. I'm suprised.

    I got a great deal on this set, was much less than I expected for a new one in a box. They had about 25 in the Edmonton warehouse and it was already disco in their computers. They weren't going to get any more from Toshiba. I suppose it helps when you are shopping with a friend who was buying a vacuum and was getting NO service in appliances, and then deciding to go speak with our old buddy we used to work with at the same store who is now an audio manager. We were also in a real hurry. Best time to buy a tv IMHO is when it's at the end of it's cycle and already discontinued at the store, but they still have new ones in the regional warehouse and no floor model in store, and all 'bugs' are already well known. Great deal on the vacuum too btw!

    Next up after I pay this off I will be buying a Shaw Hi Def cable box and subscription. Have you heard of any reviews of the Shaw hi def service in Calgary? can't put in a dish in my apartment. against the rules, north facing ground floor.

    So I have to go back to futureshop and get some component video cables. Is there any real difference between AR Pro and just AR? I saw some AR cables at AB Sound for $32 on clearance. I know AR Pro is usually had at futureshop for around $60 or $70 for 12 feet. Any difference?

    How do I get in the service menu for this baby? What can I do in there? besides taking note of all settings.

    MFG date is February 2003 with a "G" beside it.

    s/n 13715275
    chassis # tac 0273
    upc 022265261682
    # beside electrical warning label 23540544

    From these #'s can this set be discerned as either a known good one or lemon? coincide with any other people's #'s??

    thanks guys!!

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