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    Well, the other day I got back from another TMC and decided to post a message about, but due to various reasons, I didn't get around to it. So here goes.

    On October 6th, 2001, I arrived at my first day of work at Giant Eagle. Occupation: bag boy. So, I look at my schedule and notice I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday off. Good stuff. The next day at school I begin talking to two of my best friends and ask if they want to get together and hang out sometime this week. Well, the one friend can't do anything on Wednesday because due to divorce, he goes and visits his mother in a town about an hour away. Understandable. I cannot do anything Saturday because I have plans already with another group of friends. So, that leaves us Tuesday. We decide hey, let's just go see a new movie. Nothing else to do, so it seemed like a good idea.

    Well, that Tuesday (the 9th of October) became the inagural day for what would soon become known as the TMC, or the Tuesday Movie Club. As the next weeks schedule came up, I noticed another Tuesday I had off. So, we did it again. Saw another movie. We came to the conclusion that we should do this every Tuesday. I turned in a note to work saying that I had "club meetings" every Tuesday so I could not work any Tuesday. Soon it erupted into a school-wide phenomenon. Almost everyone knew about our little "club" and soon we had guests (people that would ride up with us various Tuesdays to see movies).

    Now, nearly two years later, we're still going strong. We have lost one member (moved back to OK.) and have celebrated our one year anniversary. Every Tuesday includes a trip to Best Buy or Circuit City or whatnot to pick up the latest DVD releases. Long John Silvers is the official restaurant for the TMC and we are in preparations to celebrate our two year anniversary, complete with (hopefully) T-shirts and a limo to take us the half hour drive to the bustling town that we watch the movies in.

    We've had so many great memories in the past year and a half and both look foward to many more. Having recently graduated this past May, college will present a bit of a problem. However, Mark (the one remaining TMCer) will be driving back and forth to college and I am not going at the moment (as I am saving up to spend next summer in Europe and then road trip the US. after that).

    So, anyone else have any stories such as this? Or, do any of you have any ideas on how to improve our club?

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