TiVoHD and TiVo USB Wireless G adapter

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    TCD652160 TiVoHD with remote and power cord. $75

    TiVo Wireless G USB adapter with USB cable. $30

    Prices include shipping to the US 48. I have been using this TiVoHD without a subscription for OTA. This allows use of two ATSC tuners with the 30 minute buffer and trick play features, pause, REW, FF, 30-second skip, etc. but no schedule and no recording. I have two other identical TiVos with lifetime service and decided I don't need this one. Monthly service on my account would have been $10 with the existing service discount. The wireless adapter is I believe still the only USB wireless adapter that works with the series 3 or Premiere models.

    Everything is in excellent functional condition but no original boxes, no other accessories and no manuals. PayPal accepted.

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