Thread for tracking restoration screenings?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by David Wilkins, May 6, 2012.

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    A quick search turned up nothing, so I hope this isn't a beat-to-death question.
    Is there a single thread or other source for tracking news of roadshow (if that's the proper term) engagements for restoration screenings around the country? I'm sure it's a lot easier to track if you live in one the top four or five markets, but in any other market these things tend to get poor advertising, and if you're busy living, the two or three screenings will pass before you know they're arrived.
    What brought this to mind is hearing about 'Chinatown' showing this weekend at the Music Box theater in Chicago. Searching online turned up no information about the possibility of a Twin Cities screening, which is where I live. After missing the screening of 'North by Northwest' and others a while back, it gets frustrating.
    Any source that you folks know about, that can be updated with current news by members around the country?

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