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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dennis-hp, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Due to limited space, I've not been able to get a the LCD/Plasma of my dreams. However, I convinced my wife that we can fit a 40" TV in the kitchen replacing a Sharp 32" that we watch now. (WOOT!)

    I've been looking a various model and want to get a set with 120Mhz refresh and 1080P. Local Costco has a Sony KDL-40VL160 (which I believe is similar to the Sony KDL-40Z4100).

    My question has to do with the Ethernet connection in the rear of that set. I have DishNetwork, a HD DVD Player, DVR, and Netflix Rouku (which take care of the 4 HDMI connections). I would like to be able to stream video from the Internet also (NBC TV Series, and other video/movie options offered on the Internet which I normally view using my computer).

    I cannot stretch a LAN cable to the TV but was wondering if I could add a wireless modem to the back of the Sony to access Internet content.

    I went to the Sony Website and read the manual but it only discusses a LAN connection and then doesn't indicate what content I can access with the connection.

    I was hoping someone here could tell if it's possible to connect to my wireless home network using a wireless modem connected to back of the Sony TV and access Internet video and movie content websites?

    Thanks to any and all who answer :)

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