The Volley of Projectiles ™

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Todd Beachler, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I just watched the teaser for Shaymalan's new film, The Last Airbender. I've never seen the cartoon, but know of it. I have no interest in this movie and will not see it. I watched the trailer because it's Shyamalan's project.

    With that said, I cannot stand that final shot in the teaser; The Volley of Projectiles ™. That shot has now become so cliche. Is it written in stone somewhere that any movie with a Eastern storyline has to include The Volley of Projectiles ™? It's tiresome. Stop doing it! Who started this anyway? The earliest movie I can think of is the final battle scene in Braveheart.

    Braveheart - final battle
    Gladiator - battle for Germania (at least both sides are doing the move)

    I know there are others.

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