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    Delivered to us stateside on Tuesday (08-26), I felt compelled to start a Verve thread. While y'all were banging around in the early 90s with Kurt and the boys, I was disinterested. Not saying that return to rock, in a sense wasn't welcomed, but over the pond, new ideas were being spawned, explored and cultivated. I am not trying to create a debate of the significance of the grunge bands (it simply cannot be denied). I am simply saying to understand the Verve, you need a little background in shoegaze (the movement that celebrated itself) and understand the significance of: A Northern Soul.

    At any rate, I could go on and on but try, for a moment, to forget about Urban Hymns. Just put that out of your mindset. Forth is more of an extension of their previous release. And if you're the test drive type, go to amazon and try out Judas and Valium Skies for a trippy trip. For a more rocking foray, check out Columbo and Sit and Wonder. I'd say avoid the tent-pole single: Love is Noise.

    post your thoughts.

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