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    The Unguarded Moment has arrived, along with three other movies in the box-set. I'm very sorry to report that The Unguarded Moment is in non-anamorphic widescreen and provides out-of-focus images with washed out colors that would have been unacceptable on VHS thirty years ago. The other three movies look good. I'll watch Esther tonight because I've waited a long time for this but I am very annoyed. How TCM and Universal believe they can palm such a below standard product onto today's public is beyond me.
    UPDATE: This is very strange. Via one Blu-ray player into a plasma screen, the disc is non-anamorphic. Via a different Blu-ray player through a projector, the disc is anamorphic! I've never had that before! The picture quality is dreadful through either system.
    The movie doesn't make sense but it is enjoyable. It has Esther Williams make all the idiotic mistakes nubile heroines make in slasher movies, i.e put themselves in harm's way unnecessarily. Esther is photographed by William Daniels, one of the all-time great cinematographers and in the 1930s the stipulated cameraman at MGM for big stars like Greta Garbo and Norma Shearer. Daniels certainly makes Esther look good, even with this disc's lousy visuals.

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