The Tick, West Side Story, Cabin Fever, Alex & Emma, Henry Fool, more!

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    May 12, 2002
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    Seven Samurai (sealed)

    Anatomy 2 (Franka Potente)
    El Arte de Morir (Art of Dying)

    West Side Story Limited Edition Collector's Set
    Wes Craven boxset (Shocker, Serpent and the Rainbow, People Under the Stairs
    Dawson's Creek Season 1 (sealed)
    The Tick Complete Series

    8-1/2 Women (Peter Greenaway; has a Video Town sticker on dvd but is absolutely mint condition)
    84 Charing Cross Road (sealed, FS)
    About Schmidt
    Agnes Browne (Anjelica Huston)
    Air America
    Alex and Emma (UPC slashed)
    And God Spoke (Mockumentary/FS)
    Auto Focus
    Babette's Feast
    Bad Taste 2-disk Limited Edition (5539/50,000) Mint!
    Beautiful (Minnie Driver)
    Beautiful Joe (Billy Connolly)
    Beautiful People (Jasmin Dizdar director)
    Besieged (Bertolucci/Thandie Newton)
    Black Robe
    Boys and Girls (Freddie Prinze Jr/Claire Forlani)
    Bull Durham SE
    Cabin Fever (holographic cover)
    Cadillac Man (Robin Williams)
    Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter
    Captain Ron
    Can You Keep It Up For a Week
    Contender, The
    Continental Divide
    Crush, The (Andie McDowell; a few light scratches that don't affect play)
    DARKWOLF (Not for Sale or Rental at UPC)
    Deceiver (Tim Roth)
    Dirty Deeds (Australian, Bryan Brown, John Goodman)
    Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
    Don't Say a Word
    DOT (satirical comedy, internet startup company Zectek)
    Drop Dead Fred
    Ed TV (sealed/UPC slashed)
    Earth Girls are Easy SE
    Eight Legged Freaks Widescreen
    Emperor's New Clothes (Ian Holm)
    Eye, The (newly released Region 1 version)
    The Forsaken
    Final (Denis Leary/Hope Davis, Campbell Scott director)
    Ghost Ship
    Henry Fool (Hal Hartley)
    Highlander 10th Anniversary DC
    The Hire (8 short films)
    Howling, The (original)
    Hunt for Red October (original)
    Hunted, The (Christopher Lambert, John Lone)
    Invincible(Tim Roth)
    Killing Me Softly Unrated(Heather Graham)
    Knight's Tale Special Edition
    Mad Max SE
    Man Who Would be King
    Modern Vampires (only comes in FS)
    Music of the Heart CE
    Night at the Golden Eagle
    Reality Bites
    Ride with the Devil (Ang Lee)
    Room to Rent (Juliette Lewis)
    Runteldat (Martin Lawrence Live)
    Sarah Plain and Tall Trilogy
    Say It Isn't So
    A Simple Plan
    Singing in the Rain 2 disk
    Skeletons in the Closet
    Speaking Parts (Egoyan...Full Screen)
    Spanish Prisoner
    Still Breathing
    Tea with Mussolini
    To Live and Die in LA
    Victory (Willem DaFoe)
    Woman on Top

    Looking for (but not limited to!):
    School of Rock (3/2)
    El Mariachi SE
    History of the World Part I
    Fright Night 2
    Man Without a Face
    Gods Must Be Crazy I/II
    Shattered Glass (3/23)
    City of God
    Once Upon a Time in the Midlands
    C.S.I. Complete First Season
    Oz Season 3
    MI-5 Volume One
    Leon The Professional Superbit
    Ben Stiller Show
    Heat and Dust
    X-Files season 8
    The Waltons Complete First Season
    Heaven Knows Mr Allison
    Read My Lips
    In Cold Blood
    Little House on the Prairie Season 1 and 2
    Horatio Hornblower Complete Adventures
    Red Dwarf series
    Summer of '42

    PC Games Wanted: Hordes of Underdark

    Peggy Grasso
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