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    Back in 2002, all of her early CBS/SONY/BMG 'classic' albums were remastered, given deluxe "themed" packaging-and bonus tracks pressed on the LEGACY imprint in tribute to a much loved musician-they were gorgeous!

    That is -all except ONE: Christmas and the Beads of Sweat

    I was baffled,mystified and miffed because that IMO, is her best album

    I recently discover that supposedly series producer Al Quaglioni searched high and low for the masters...
    Never found them.

    So the fools in marketing in NYC decide to dump this album into the $5.99 bargain bin -the exact same 1993 disc, cover and catalog#; Like it was a Raspberries album or Sheena Easton; They didnt even bother to waste the pennies to change the copyright imprint to SONY BMG-used same art from the album ©1971 Tunafish Music (BMI) It was a bargain catalog dump

    But as ive mentioned, this should have been sent to special projects-but some of them in AR have probably never heard of her-or even Bob Dylan-they all likely have THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS album booming out of their cars

    There is some hope. SONY Japan claim they have found the master tapes-they boast "Japan exclusive remastered!" on the recent (Oct 1) reissue of this CD-at least it states ©2008 SONY/BMG on the package and it seems to sound better-but they did this on their own, so there was only a small budget-no money from HQ in NY;

    In Japan however, they ADORE Laura-theyve even put out 3 deluxe- themed 'best of' albums unavailable here-plus LIVE IN JAPAN

    So others and myself are working behind the scenes to get producer AL Quaglioni to finish the set of her 'classic' period, as we have tracked him down and told him of the discovery...BUSY GUY

    Starting in 1971-she then took 5 years off.

    Those Columbia CDs released when she returned to recording in 1976-are now being licensed out to indie companies SONY doesnt want them!

    The respect and honor shown by the Japanese give testament to the memory of a much loved artist, is amazing
    It was released as best they could under the circumstances

    IF there is a God in heaven this series will be complete

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