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    Not the one you're probably thinking of, the '60s series with Roger Moore - no!
    All this week the BBC are putting on some of the 1930s/'40s The Saint films by RKO, starring George Sanders/Louis Hayward/Hugh Sinclair. :cool: Full list of showings below (all times BST):
    The Saint In London (George Sanders, 1939) - Monday 23rd July @ 12pm BBC2
    The Saint In Palm Springs (George Sanders, 1941) - Monday 23rd July @ 1:10pm BBC2
    The Saint In New York (Louis Hayward, 1938) - Tuesday 24th July @ 12pm BBC2
    The Saint Meets The Tiger (Hugh Sinclair, 1943) - Tuesday 24th July @ 1:05pm BBC2
    The Saint Strikes Back (George Sanders, 1939) - Wednesday 25th July @ 12pm BBC2
    The Saint Takes Over (George Sanders, 1940) - Wednesday 25th July @ 1:05pm BBC2
    The Saint's Vacation (Hugh Sinclair, 1941) - Thursday 26th July @ 12pm BBC2
    The Saint's Double Trouble (George Sanders, 1940) - Friday 27th July @ 12:25pm BBC2
    I'm looking forward to seeing these as I have never seen the earlier Saint films on terrestrial British TV before now and I've heard good things about [some] of them. Thought I'd mention it here as an item of interest.

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