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    The Russia House is a very good dialogue driven spy movie with great performances by Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, Klaus Maria Brandauer and Roy Scheider. The principal shooting of the movie took place in Moscow and therein is the benefit for this movie on Blu-ray.

    Many scenes take place indoors and initially I wondered what would be the benefit from Blu-rays 1080P/24? I don't need more detail for all the types of stuff you see in indoor scenes. It is when you see the marvelous out door scenes you are happy this title is available on Blu-ray. The Russia House is a great title for Blu-ray seems strange it is not available for Region "A".

    The video is excellent a big improvement over DVD you can really see the added benefit of 1080P/24 on the outdoor scenes. The outdoor scenes now have very good depth and much more detail.

    Video: 1080P/24
    Audio: English/German DTS-HD MA Stereo
    Subtitles: German/Off (The Off works)
    Region-Code: Locked "B"
    Running Time: 123 Minutes

    Purchased through Blu-Ray Review.

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