The New, Original Wonder Woman

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    I wish WB would re-release this, possibly in hi def. Someone has posted the opening from the pilot online in pristine condition....I haven't seen the original opening in years!!! This is the correct title on screen "The New, Original Wonder Woman." The original pilot is quite different from the version on dvd. The show is played more seriously. Also, the opening cartoon panels vary slightly....Wonder Woman actually deflects bullets and throws her tiara! This would be great to have both versions of the pilot as well as the first specials titled correctly. Follow that up with Seasons Two and Three with restored titles (the ones on dvd are out of sync and missing guest stars and have various other problems.), uncut episodes, restored shooting star bumpers in Season 2, and closing WB logo. Plus an interview with Lyle wouldn't hurt, along with Cloris Leachman and some guest stars. Maybe throw in some promos...those have shown up online as well (I have also seen "Wonder Woman will return in a moment" bumpers recently.)

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