The Jeffersons: The Complete Series?

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    To Shout! Factory: Since "All in the Family" has been completed on DVD, can you release "The Jeffersons" in a Complete Series box set? All 253 episodes should be remastered in high definition and unedited. The frame rate errors from Season 6 should be corrected. Scene selection menus, chapter stops, and a "Play All" feature should be included for all the episodes. The set should have 32 DVDs for the episodes and a 33rd DVD for special features. Audio commentaries and text commentaries should be included with the episodes. Here is my list of bonus features: Movin' On Up: The Story Of The Jeffersons (All-New Full-Length Documentary) The Jeffersons Move Up (From All In the Family, Remastered in HD and Unedited) Commercials With The Jeffersons (And The Cast, Including The Jeffersons' Commercials For Old Navy and Denny's, Promos From CBS, Syndication, Nick at Nite, and TV Land, and Other Commercials with the Cast) The Real Live Jeffersons Archival Interviews With The Cast Special Guest Appearances: The Jeffersons on Family Feud (1980) The "E/R" Pilot With George Jefferson (1984) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1995, 1996) Sprung (1997, Clip With George and Louise) Jane Austen's Mafia! (1998, Clip With George and Louise) Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Curtis Jefferson (2011, Episode With George and Florence) The Historical/Social Significance of The Jeffersons (New Documentary With Media Historians, Social Scientists, Prominent African-American Actors and Actresses, The Cast of The Jeffersons, and Fans of The Series) This is Your Life: Isabel Sanford (1985) Intimate Portrait: Isabel Sanford (2003) Living in TV Land: Sherman Hemsley (2006) The Jeffersons at the Paley Center (March 2002) The Jeffersons at the TV Land Awards (2003) Truth Behind the Sitcom Scandals: The Jeffersons (2008) A collector's book, with a detailed history of the series, biographies of the cast, characters, and the crew, pictures, articles about the show, and an episode guide should be included.

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