The House of Sand (Casa De Areia)

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    Vasco is a middle-aged Brazilian loco that recently purchased some sandy land deep in the desert of northern Brazil. He along with his wife Aurea (Fernanda Torres) and her mother Dona Maria (Fernanda Montenegro) embark on a trek to this remote location to forge a new life.

    Once there Aurea and her mother find the conditions extremely primitive and definitely not a place where they want to raise Aurea’s soon to be born child. Both women desperately try to leave their shared sand prison and return to civilization.

    Fernanda Montenegro and Fernanda Torres are real life mother and daughter and both get to play different family members in this film at different stages of life.

    Torres plays the main character Aurea during the beginning of the film. Later on, she gets to play her grown up daughter Maria at 37. Montenegro starts out as Aurea’s mother Dona Maria. Later on she plays Aurea at age 60 and gets to play Aurea’s daughter Maria at age 58.

    There is no warning when the story leaps forward in time and the switching of roles for the actors is abrupt. The toughest switch is when Torres goes from mother to daughter. Same look but very different personalities.

    This was a very relaxing film more like a long meditation in the sand. It was filled with long wide shots of the open desert. The pace was extremely steady and calming. A lot is said without many words. I think this film successfully allows you to empathize with the women’s situation.

    For me this was a welcome retreat from the tons of fast-paced films of this year. I really enjoyed the time to just sit and connect with the characters and absorb the film’s relaxing location. It’s a good change of pace film. English subtitles provided. This is not recommended to those with little patience.


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