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    This is my first post to these forums, thus I hope I've come to the right section.

    I was drawn here through a google search for information on potential DVD releases of Twilight's Last Gleaming and have since concluded that this is the place to pose questions about obscure films.

    But this discussion I'd like to dedicate to another film, namely Aldrich's The Grissom Gang, as the title of this thread wishes to indicate. I tried using the site's search engine, but found no information regarding this movie.

    I for one think it is a real gem and a criminally ignored one. Brilliantly acted, shot and edited. I do wish, however, that Frank DeVol (whose work in Emperor of the North was one of the reasons that got me interested in Aldrich's movies) would have written the musical score, even though Mr. Fried does a fine job at filling in for him. Actually, he does a superb job! But Frank is the one I hold dearest.


    I do have some questions I'd like to ask, and have done so on IMDB, but seeing as the Grissom discussions get updated about once a year, I have little hope of getting replies anytime soon. I wrote thusly:

    "I have a copy of the Grissom Gang that runs for 123 minutes. It seems fine, even though there are supposedly 5 minutes missing. What's the story here?

    And have you noticed how, for example, NY Times and other sources claim it to run for 135 minutes? Is this the version, which includes Barbara drowning herself in the woods? Aldrich said they screened it a few times, but decided finally to go with a shorter cut. Also, they supposedly filmed an alternate, dirtier version of Slim's and Barbara's final "lovemaking", but I don't know if it has ever surfaced.

    Any other scenes that might have been cut? There's plenty of blood and violence in the version I have, so I doubt taming is the reasoning behind this.

    I have also seen DVDs that allegedly run for 135 mins, but I am yet to obtain a copy.

    Anyone who knows anything about these things?"

    - These are matters that boggle my mind. Obviously I should purchase a 128-minute DVD for starters, but at the moment that is not possible. Revelations will be highly appreciated!

    And, please, do not hesitate to generally talk about the movie!

    Thank you.

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