the ghost phantom receiver known as pioneer vsx-D912k

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Myo K, Apr 12, 2003.

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    other then online auctions and 1 or two internet sites, does anyone know where this receiver can be found for a normal customer like me to purchase? i mean an actual store, that i can walk into and say heres my money take it and give it to pioneer and let me take this receiver home.

    i dont know anyone that owns this receiver, and online reviews and knowledage about this receiver is miniscule, and yes ive read the thread in avs forum, which is about the only information about this receiver other then pioneers home website on this entire planet.

    will these receivers be available widely to consumers? its most definately priced as an affordable receiver possible dubbed as "poormans elite 45" but not really,

    does anyone elase know anymore info about the release of this receiver and whether or not it will be sold in any stores? mainstream chains around my area ie circuit city, best buy and any other big chain seem to be slowly phasing out pioneer, good guys dont even carry any pioneer electronics in their store, and the 912k seems to high end for these shops and the all the professional audio stores in my area dont carry any pioneer receivers below elite status,

    two high for consumers to low for preofessionals? other then online sources, ie, is it even possible to buy one of these?

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