The Early Films of Stanley Kubrick coming from Kino

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    The rights to the film aren't actually owned by the Kubrick estate. Eastman screened a restored print of the film at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood back in 2010. It was explained then that the rights were actually held by the original distributor of the film (from back in 1953). Eastman had hoped to partner up with someone in order to distribute the newly restored print, but they would need to negotiate with the heirs of the distributor, whoever they may be. It seems they've since been found and a deal struck.
    I can tell you that the restored print is a gem. It wasn't struck from a negative, but rather - I hope I'm not confusing this with another film - from a long lost print of the film recently unearthed in Puerto Rico, and in good condition. Eastman spent considerable time and resources cleaning it up, and if the transfer of the film is done with care, we're in for a very special treat. If we're really lucky, there may be a commentary track from Paul Mazursky, who starred in the film and attended the Hollywood screening and provided a really informative Q&A afterward.
    I have no idea who has/had the rights to Kubrick's documentaries, but my guess is that this entire presentation is being done without the blessing or contribution of the Kubrick estate. I suppose this also means that the estate won't see a dime of the profits, but I suppose that's been the case all these years anyway.

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