"The Convent" from Tristar - anamorphic or not???

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    Hi, people
    I need your help [​IMG] I would really like to buy this wonderful horror/comedy movie "The Convent" by Mike Mendez. And the DVD with this flick was released by Tristar/Lion's Gate not so long time ago (in R1 in the Fall of 2001 if I remember correct) - but there is the issue with its technical specifications. Different e-tailers/reviews tells different things about this being anamorphic or not. Some tells that the movie is just 1.85:1 widescreen (and NOT anamorphic, some reviews mentions this especially!), but some tells that it is in fact anamorphic... So - whom to listen to? Can anyone who owns the disk confirm about its anamorphical enhancement (or the lack of it)? You'll really help me to make a choice [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance!

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