The Care Bears ever get season sets

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    A show from my childhood, and would love to pass it to my kids, is the Care Bears. And no not the new generataion 3D crap. The classic 80's version.

    The Care Bears tv series was on the air from 1985 - 88. The first season in syndication via the DiC company, the second season and onwards on ABC via Nelvana company and was titled "Care Bears Family Story Book".

    The Shout released individual volumes of the DiC version, than a company did the same for the Nelvana episodes.

    Some people like volume releases with few episodes, because its release is cheaper, while others prefer season sets, because it would require you to buy less DVDs total. I feel for both sides.

    Do you think the fact that the rigths to the first season, and the rights to the rest of the series, is what will stop season sets, or a more larger number of episodes per disc releases?

    If the company that owns the rights to Nelvana series, wanted to put out a season set of their show, they would like the Shout company to release season 1 first, than they can release season 2. It could cause confussion to the consumer.

    Either way, I would like some extras, such as behind the scenes, a history of the Care Bears feature.

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