The Biggest Loser - Season 10

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    We're already two episodes into this season's Biggest Loser.

    Things got off to an interesting start as the trainers and hosts traveled across the country having contests to determine which players made it to the BL ranch for the season.

    Another new twist is that even though contestants are dressed in pairs of like-color shirts they are really playing as individuals. And instead of the two worst in a competition "falling below the yellow line" and being eligible to be voted off...they had an early weigh-in. The eight players who lost the most finished "above the yellow line" and were safe. The bottom eight had to participate in a simple foot race challenge with the two bottom finishers eligible for a vote.

    I'm also glad to see the producers showing us a lot more time in the weekly work-outs. I always think that's one of the more interesting parts of the experience.

    I know in past seasons I've said I wish the contestants didn't have to be voted off and all could stay and benefit from the total experience...but I guess that wouldn't make for great TV.

    Come to think of it...there haven't been any of those awful product placement faux commercials in the show yet this season--you know when Bob or Jillian extol the virtues of Ziploc sandwich bags. They did have one Jenny-O plug in a "Trainer's Tip" segment. But it's nice to see less of those, too.

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