The Best films since 2000: Future Movie Classics (A Dynamic List)

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    Hey guys!

    I'm currently re-watching all of the films that I've seen since 2000 (plus checking out some that I've never seen) so that I can look at these films with a new and critical eye. Some movies have remained classics in my eyes, others aren't quite as good as I remember them being, and some I've actually liked a lot more this time around. These movies are prime examples of quality filmmaking, whether they are adult dramas, action movies or teenage comedies. The acting, direction, cinematography, writing and pacing are all top notch. Above all, though, they are, in my opinion at least, the most memorable films of the decade. I've put the films in alphabetical order from the best quality to the least (5.0/5.0 movies then 4.5/5.0 then 4.0/5.0 then 3.5/5.0). This list has the potential to grow as I watch more and more films, so watch out for new additions!

    3.5 - Good (5 Total)
    4.0 - Very Good (12 Total)
    4.5 - Great (18 Total)
    5.0 - Classic (35 Total)

    Comments are welcome :)

    The List:

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