Thanks for advice - fixed my 16x9 DVD problem

Discussion in 'Displays' started by EricThorsen, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Strange, I couldn't find my original thread from last week to thank those that gave me advice! Probably newbie error.

    I did find that my DVD had a 4x3 vs 16x9 setting, and selected 16x9. This presented a widescreen DVD in the proper size for the screen I installed on the wall.

    To refresh, I have a screen that I mounted based on my HD size from the cable box, run via component to the projector. when running DVD via component or s-video (both connected), the image was small due to fitting within the 4x3 which was fitting within the 16x9. Kinda like the shell game...

    So now my DVD's are the full width of my screen, with narrow bands on teh top. I originally suspected that the image was compressed vertically, but tests show otherwise, that it is fine.

    So now I am curious about why my widescreen DVD is at a different aspect ratio than my widescreen HDTV? Is it truly a different pixel throw? And for the record, what are the pixel dimensions? I have heard 720x480, but am not sure what the x/y is for 1080/??

    Hope this makes sense, thanks for any help!

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