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    I’ve been lurking on the forum for a good few years now. I hate to admit it but I
    only registered to enter a SVS contest. It’s a good thing I didn’t win because
    I would have felt guilty for taking advantage of the system. I sleep better
    knowing I paid for mine myself.

    The search function can usually answer all my questions, but this time
    my luck has failed me. So, I figure I’ll pose my question and throw
    in my two cents on the 563-A

    I’ll start with the questions so everyone can be spared from
    reading the rest of my ramblings (don’t worry, I don’t blame you)

    Weird things happen through the 5.1 outputs on the DVD-A
    discs I have that require you to switch from 5.1 to 2Ch
    in an Audio Set-up menu instead of having the choice of
    multi-channel or stereo on the Top Menu. The discs being,
    Steely Dan – Everything Must Go and Donald Fagan –Kamakiriad.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Let me explain what I’m getting.

    On the everything must go disc, when 2ch is selected and
    played through the 5.1 outputs, to let the player handle
    the BM, the center channel is filled with distortion.
    My brother and I were grooving along with the 5.1 mix and
    when it finished I switched to the stereo tracks to
    reinstate the groove, but we were stopped dead in our tracks
    with a mysterious distortion. I got off the couch to investigate
    and was shocked that distortion was coming out of the
    center speaker, which had no business making any kind
    of noise at all. I unplugged the center cable from the 563-A
    and all was well. Strange to say the least, but I kept
    switching from 5.1 to 2CH to try to make the distortion
    go away and to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

    With Kamakiriad, I listened to the 5.1 mix because that’s just
    what started playing. Then I switched to the stereo mix to listen to
    Snowbound because I felt like it. It didn’t sound quite
    right so I listened to different tracks and came to the
    conclusion that something was amiss. The bass around the
    crossover frequency was distorted and not much was coming o
    ut of the sub. Same with this one, stayed up too late switching back
    and forth between the 6ch inputs and the 2ch inputs to make sure
    the difference wasn’t imaginary.

    Now, this doesn’t happen at all on any of the other
    DVD-A or SACDs I have, although I admit I don’t
    have many.

    The other ones being:
    REM – Automatic for the People
    Steely Dan – Two Against Nature
    Donald Fagen – The Nightfly
    Rolling Stones – Aftermath (SACD)
    Police – EBYT (SACD)
    Pink Floyd – DSOTM

    For all but the two dvd-a’s with audio set-up menus, the stereo
    mixes play fine out of the 5.1 outputs of the 563-A with BM
    and all. Heck, even cd’s play fine through the 5.1 outs, with BM.
    Whether the BM is perfect or not is out of my league, but I’ve been
    able to get a pleasing result after a little tinkering with
    evels that I’m happy with it.

    The solution, of course, is to play stereo tracks through the 2ch
    out of the 563-A to the analog stereo inputs of my Marantz (Sr-7000)
    and let the Marantz do the BM on all two-channel sources.
    That’s what I’ve been doing since, but my laziness to press a few
    buttons or program a macro is what got me into this. I would
    have saved myself a bunch of typing if I would have just
    pressed a few buttons.

    At first I thought it was a software problem with
    the Dan’s – EMG disc, but when it happened again with
    Kamakiriad I noticed the only thing they have in common
    (well, besides Fagen and Becker) is the Audio Set-Up menu for
    switching 5.1 and 2ch.

    If anyone feels like trying to recreate the same phenomena,
    I’d be grateful because if no one can get it to happen to
    them, I think I’ll head down to the Best Buy to swap it out for replacement.

    It took longer to ask my question than I had planned, so I’ll save
    my impressions of the player for later.

    But make no mistake, I’m thrilled with Hi-Rez and the player is
    worth every penny for what you get at such an affordable price.
    I’m a happy camper.


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