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    If nothing else, this should be the prettiest LOOKING dvd trade list you'll see all month!

    Vince's Spring Cleaning Blow-out!

    My collection has, again, exceeded 350 titles and I don't have enough storage to fit it all. So I must sell and trade away titles.

    I would prefer trades (wishlist is at the bottom, but all offers will be considered), but will sell if needed. Priority given to traders over buyers. Willing to so 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, 10:1, 1:2, 1:4- whatever.

    Retail and asking price listed with features on each title for sale transactions.

    I will NOT accept Paypal (MO only), will only sell if buyer wants 3 or more titles, prices do not include shipping.

    Bottom line, I'd rather trade!

    Every disc on this list is in Perfect/Near Perfect condition: Discs themselves, Packaging, Artwork, Inserts. I am very careful with my collection (No kids or pets, smoke free, etc.)

    I am a Gold Trader (and Former Moderator) here on this forum, Have a +57 rating on Ebay, and have extensive positive feedback from people who buy cables from me.

    [​IMG]Aquaria (Out Of Print)

    Piece of DVD history: The first DVD-18 format disc released commercially!

    This DVD features five aquariums: four salt water and one fresh water with assorted fish, fauna, rocks and reefs. All the videos can be viewed in standard, letterbox and 16x9 enhanced. The four audio track contain music for meditation, relaxation, beach surf and aquarium bubbles.

    Makes an EXCELLENT background disc for warming up your system (this is how I used it for more than a year!).

    16x9 enhanced, Multiple 5.1 Music Tracks, Retail OOP/$12


    Simply a timeless classic. The numbers speak volumes: 100,000 costumes, 8,000 extras, 300 sets and a staggering budget in its day the largest in movie history. Ben-Hur's creators made it the best, the greatest Biblical-era epic ever.

    Heston's charismatic performance brought him the Best Actor Oscar; the winner as 1959's Best Picture with the legendary William Wyler earning his third Best Director trophy, the film won a total 11 Academy Awards - a tally unequaled until 1997's Titanic set sail.

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, 2.0, Commentary, Trailer, Featurette, Screen Tests, Photo Gallery, $18.99 Retail/$12.

    [​IMG]Best In Show

    Si-i-i-t. Sta-a-a-a-a-y. Laugh! 'Best In Show' is "the year's funniest movie." (Lou Lumenick, 'New York Post'). Waiting For Guffman's Christopher Guest directs and many of the film's stars (including Fred Willard as a loopy commentator) reunite for this zany look at dog show participants (and the pooches who love them). Join the fun as Mayflower Kennel Club competitors - a fly-fishing shop owner from Pine Nut, NC (Guest), Shih-Tzu-doting partners (Michael McKean and Jon Michael Higgins), squabbling yuppies (Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock), a dim-bulb trophy wife (Jennifer Coolidge) and her ace handler (Jane Lynch) and a married couple (Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara) who dream up ditties about terriers - vie for the top prize. It's howlarious!

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Commentary, Trailer, Deleted Scenes, Retail $15.99/$11.

    [​IMG]The City Of Lost Children: Special Edition

    La Cité des enfants perdus

    A gutsy little girl and a sentimental strongman (Ron Perlman) join hearts and hands to save a small boy's dreams from a madman's master plan.

    Phenomenal French duo Jeunet and Caro deliver a fantastically-twisted fairy tale chock-full of curious characters, spectacular stunts and unforgettable visuals.

    16x9 enhanced, 2.0 Orig French & Eng Dub, Commentary, Trailer, $23.99 Retail/$18.

    [​IMG]Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: Collectors Edition (2 Disc Set)

    In the night skies near his Muncie, Indiana, home, power repairman Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) experiences something out of this world. His close encounter sets into action an amazing chain of events that leads to contact with benevolent aliens and their Mothership. Spectacular special effects, John Williams' outstanding score and winning performances from Dreyfuss, Teri Garr, Melinda Dillon and legendary director Francois Truffaut in the role of Lacombe make CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND movie magic of the best kind.

    Collectors Edition features Speilberg's directors cut.

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, DTS, THX, Deleted Scenes, Trailer, Featurette, Notes, Retail $24.99/$18.

    [​IMG]Clerks: Collector Edition

    Just because they serve you, doesn't mean they like you.

    It's one wild day in the life of a pair of overworked counter-jockeys whose razor-sharp wit and on-the-job antics give a whole new meaning to customer service! Even while braving a nonstop parade of unpredictable shoppers, the clerks manage to play hockey on the roof, visit a funeral home, and straighten out their offbeat love lives. The boss is nowhere in sight, so you can bet anything can -- and will -- happen when these guys are left to run the store!

    Letterbox, Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Alt Ending, Music Video, Trailer, Retail $14.99/$10.

    [​IMG]Fantasia Anthology (3 Disc Set)

    This 3-Disc Collector's Edition Includes: Fantasia, Fantasia 2000, Fantasia: Legacy - Supplemental Features. A deluxe collectors edition including nearly everything fans of this film could want.

    1.33:1/Widescreen OAR, 16x9 enhanced, 5.1, DTS, THX, Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Documentaries/Featurettes, Trailer, More, Retail $52.99/$42.

    [​IMG]Forrest Gump (2 Disc Set)

    Forrest Gump is the movie triumph that became a phenomenon. Tom Hanks gives an astonishing performance as Forrest, an everyman whose simple innocence comes to embody a generation. The winner of six Academy Awards®, including Best Picture, Best Director (Robert Zemeckis) and Best Actor (Tom Hanks).

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, 2 Commentaries, Deleted Scenes, Test Footage, Multiple Documentaries, Trailer, Retail $23.99/$18.

    [​IMG]Galaxy Quest (DTS)

    For four years, the courageous crew of the NSEA Protector set off on thrilling and often dangerous missions in space...and then their series was cancelled!

    Now, twenty years later, aliens under attack have mistaken the 'Galaxy Quest' television transmissions for "historical documents" and beamed up the crew of has-been actors to save the universe. With no script, no director and no clue, the actors must turn in the perfomances of their lives in this hilarious adventure."

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1 DTS, Alien Lang Track, Deleted Scenes, Featurette, Trailer, $15.99 Retail/$12.

    [​IMG]Get A Life: Volume 1

    The misadventures of a 30-year-old paper-boy (played by Late Night alum Chris Elliot) and his wacky parents.

    DVD features four uncut episodes of Get a Life: The Prettiest Week of My Life: Season 1 - Episode #2 [Air date 9/30/90], Spewey And Me: Season 2 - Episode #11 [Air date 2/9/92], Bored Straight: Season 1 - Episode #9 [Air date 12/02/90], Girlfriend 2000: Season 2 - Episode #8 [Air date 1/12/92].

    4:3 OAR, Deleted Scenes, Toggle Laugh Track, Retail $14.99/$8.

    [​IMG]Halloween: Special Edition

    This is Halloween like you've never seen or heard it before! Halloween has been restored under the supervision of Lucasfilm's THX. The video was transferred by the award-winning colorist Adam Adams from a new 35mm interpositive (made from the original camera negative) and approved by the film's cinematographer Dean Cundey. The new Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack was created by Chace Productions in association with Alan Howarth using the original 16-track music studio master and the recently discovered original 35mm magnetic dialogue & effects tracks.

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Original Mono, THX, Trailer, Featurettes, Gallery, Holographic Cover, Retail $14.99/$10.

    [​IMG]The Iron Giant

    Something huge is on the horizon. Hogarth Hughes just rescued an enormous robot that fell from the stars to Earth. Now young Hogarth has one very big friend and an even bigger problem: How do you keep a 50-foot-tall, steel-eating giant a secret? It's even harder when a nosey government agent arrives in town to hunt down the "alien invader" and the combined land, sea and air might of the U.S. military is sent to demolish the giant. The result: an incredible adventure that's part metal, part magic, all heart.

    16x9 enhanced, Pan&Scan, 5.1, Trailer, Featurettes, Music Video, Retail $16.99/$10.

    [​IMG]Jaws: Collectors Edition

    This Special 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition is Digitally Mastered and contains exclusive footage, interviews, and behind-the-scenes material.

    Steven Spielberg directed this classic film that became one of the most enduring action-suspense films of all time. "JAWS" was an instant blockbuster, a phenomenon, and today it is still among the highest grossing films in motion picture history, acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Rediscover the timeless film that continues to make entire generations afraid to go in the water.

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Deleted Scenes, Games, Storyboards, Featurettes, Outtakes, Retail $21.99/$15.

    [​IMG]The Matrix

    Computer hacker Thomas Anderson has lived a relatively ordinary life--in what he thinks is the year 1999 -- until he is contacted by the enigmatic Morpheus who leads him into the real world. In reality, it is 200 years later, and the world has been laid waste and taken over by advanced artificial intelligence machines. The computers have created a false version of 20th-century life -- the "Matrix" -- to keep the human slaves satisfied, while the AI machines draw power from the humans. Anderson, pursued constantly by "Agents" (computers who take on human form and infiltrate the Matrix), is hailed as "The One" who will lead the humans to overthrow the machines and reclaim the Earth.

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Commentary, Isolated Score, Featurette, Follow White Rabbit Interactive, Retail $14.99/$7.

    [​IMG]Natural Born Killers: Unrated Director's Cut

    Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis star in director Oliver Stone's bold film that takes a look at a country seduced by fame, obsessed by crime and consumed by the media. Lovers Mickey and Mallory are also psychopaths and serial killers, driving across the country only in search of the pleasure they derive from the massacres they commit. But when the media latches onto their crime sprees, the pair achieves a type of folk-hero status.

    Director's cut containing 3 minutes of restored footage
    Audio commentary by Oliver Stone - Over an hour of extra scenes and lost performances, including Ashley Judd's shocking courtroom scene, Warden Jones' dismembered head, Denis Leary's never-before-seen performance, the controversial shot of reporter Downey's hand wound, and an intense alternate ending...

    Letterbox, 5.1, Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Featurette, Alt Ending, Retail $18.99/$12.

    [​IMG]Prince Of Egypt: Signature Selection

    An epic adventure and milestone in cinematic achievement, The Prince Of Egypt has captivated movie audiences the world over, becoming one of the top animated films of all time.

    This is the extraordinary tale of two brothers, one born of royal blood, one an orphan with a secret past. Growing up the best of friends, they share a strong bond of free-spirited youth and good-natured rivalry. But the truth will ultimately set them at odds, as one becomes the ruler of the most powerful empire on earth, the other the chosen leader of his people. Their final confrontation will forever change their lives – and the world.

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Commentary, Tailers, Featurettes, Music Video, Demo Quality Animated Menus, Retail $21.99/$15.

    [​IMG]Romper Stomper: Special Edition (2 Disc Set) (Out Of Print)

    Those who saw Russell Crowe's mesmerizing star turn in Gladiator will be blown away by his breakthrough performance in Romper Stomper. Crowe plays the confused yet charasmatic leader of a rowdy gang of skinheads, showcasing his undeniable power as an actor. The controversial film drew rave reviews for its visceral look at how the seeds of racial hatred, fueled by fear and paranoia, can explode into raw violence.

    Ultimate presentation of this movie, 2 disc set loaded with extras. Fox put all their great 2 disc sets OOP, and went to one disc- and this one was a pretty small pressing- so grab this while you still can!

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, DTS, Music Only Track, Commentary, Documenatry, Featurette, Retail OOP/$30.


    The Cold War may be over, but a new world order keeps a group of covert mercenaries employed by the highest bidder. These operatives, known as "Ronin," are assembled in France by a mysterious client for a seemingly routine mission: steal a top-secret briefcase. But the simple task soon proves explosive as other underworld organizations vie for the same prize...and to get the job done, the members of Ronin must do something they've never done before - trust each other!

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Retail $14.99/$8.

    [​IMG]Run Lola Run

    A thrilling post-MTV, roller-coaster ride, Run Lola Run is the internationally acclaimed sensation about two star-crossed lovers who have only minutes to change the course of their lives. Time is running out for Lola (Franka Potente). She's just received a frantic phone call from her boyfriend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), who's lost a small fortune belonging to his mobster boss. If Lola doesn’t' replace the money in twenty minutes, Manni will surely suffer severe consequences

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1 Both original German and English dub, Commentary, Music Video, Retail $15.99/$10.

    [​IMG]Scream 3: Collector's Series

    While Sydney Prescott (Campbell) lives in safely guarded seclusion, bodies begin dropping around the Hollywood set of Stab 3, the latest movie sequel based on the gruesome Greensboro killings! And when the escalating terror finally brings her out of hiding, Sidney and other Greensboro survivors are once again drawn into an insidious game of horror movie mayhem! But just when they thought they knew how to play by the rules, they discover that all the rules have been broken! Featuring hot newcomers Parker Posey (The House Of Yes) and Jenny McCarthy (Diamonds) in another stellar ensemble cast, Scream 3 offers an unmatched mix of thrills, laughter and suspense that brings this spine-tingling saga to an unforgettable conclusion!

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Featurette, Music Video, Retail $14.99/$10.

    [​IMG]Short Cinema Journal 1:1 - Invention

    First edition in the SHORT series, issued by Polygram. An excellent collection of short films, otherwise unavailable on DVD. divided into six topics--"Marquee"; "Hello, Dali"; "Reality"; "Sound Bit"; "Minutes"; and "Junkdrawer".

    Includes the original "Some folks call it a slingblade" short that went on to become the film Slingblade, as well as shorts: Black Rider, The Big Story, Tribute to John Lee Hooker, Mr. Resistor, Easter Sunday in NYC w/ Henry Rollins, more.

    Original Polygram Drawer Case, Mixed Aspect Ratios, Mixed Audio Formats (51./2.0), Commentaries, Music Video, Multi Angle, Isolated Music, Retail $13.99/$5.

    [​IMG]South Park: Volume 1

    Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as these four animated tykes take on the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane. For them, it's all a part of growing up in South Park. Features episodes 1-4 of the first season: Cartman Gets An Anal Probe, Volcano, Weight Gain 4000, Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

    4:3 OAR, Comical Introductions by South park Creators Matt & Trey, Retail $9.99/$5.

    [​IMG]South Park: Volume 2

    Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as these four animated tykes take on the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane. For them, it's all a part of growing up in South Park. Contains episodes 5-8 of the first season: An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig (AKA Elephant Fucks a Pig), Death, Pinkeye, Damien.

    4:3 OAR, Comical Introductions by South park Creators Matt & Trey, Retail $9.99/$5.

    [​IMG]South Park: Volume 3

    Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as these four animated tykes take on the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane. For them, it's all a part of growing up in South Park. Contains episodes 9-12 of the first season: Starvin' Marvin, Mecha-Streisand, Mr Hankey- The Christmas Poo, Tom's Rhinoplasty.

    4:3 OAR, Comical Introductions by South park Creators Matt & Trey, Retail $9.99/$5.

    [​IMG]South Park: Volume 4

    Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as these four animated tykes take on the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane. For them, it's all a part of growing up in South Park. Contains the last episode of the first season and episodes 1-4 of the second season: Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut, Special Terrance And Phillip Episode (April Fools Episode), Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut, Chicken Lover, Ike's Wee Wee.

    4:3 OAR, Comical Introductions by South park Creators Matt & Trey, Retail $9.99/$5.

    [​IMG]South Park: Volume 5

    Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as these four animated tykes take on the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane. For them, it's all a part of growing up in South Park. Contains episodes 5-8 of the second season: Conjoined Fetus Lady, The Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka, Flashbacks, Summer Sucks.

    4:3 OAR, Comical Introductions by South park Creators Matt & Trey, Retail $9.99/$5.

    [​IMG]South Park: Volume 6

    Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as these four animated tykes take on the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane. For them, it's all a part of growing up in South Park. Contains episodes 9-12 of the second season: Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls, Chickenpox, Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods, Clubhouses.

    4:3 OAR, Comical Introductions by South park Creators Matt & Trey, Retail $9.99/$5.

    [​IMG]Star Trek - First Contact

    They call themselves the Borg - a half-organic, half-machine collective with a sole purpose: to conquer and assimilate all races. Led by their seductive and sadistic queen (Alice Krige), the Borg are headed to Earth with a devious plan to alter history. Picard's last encounter with the Borg almost killed him. Now, he wants venegance. But how far will he go to get it? Costarring Alfre Woodard and James Cromwell and bursting with spectacular special effects, Star Trek: First Contact is one action film that "has it all! (Jim Ferguson, Prevue Channel).

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Trailer, Retail $23.99/$18.


    It's the high-stakes, high-risk world of the drug trade as seen through a well-blended mix of interrelated stories: a Mexican policeman (Benicio Del Toro) finds himself and his partner caught in an often deadly web of corruption: a pair of DEA agents (Don Cheadle and Luis Guzman) work undercover in a sordid and dangerous part of San Diego: a wealthy drug baron living in upscale, suburban America is arrested and learns how quickly his unknowing and pampered wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) takes over his business: and the U.S. President's new drug czar (Michael Douglas) must deal with his increasingly drug-addicted teenage daughter.

    16x9 enhanced, 5.1, Trailer, Featurette, Gallery, Retail $15.99/$10.

    [​IMG]Wag The Dog: Platinum Series

    A comedy about truth, justice and other special effects.

    When the President (Michael Belson) is caught in a sex scandal less than 2 weeks before election, White House spinmaster Conrad Brean (Robert DeNiro) creates a phony war with the help of Hollywood producer Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman). It's a wickedly funny political satire that couldn't be more timely.

    16x9 enhanced, Pan&Scan, 5.1, Commentary, Featurette, Trailer, Retail $14.99/$10.

    [​IMG]Waiting for Guffman

    Spinal Tap and Best In Show co-creator Christopher Guest plays Corky in this acclaimed comedy. Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, Fred Willard and Bob Balaban co-star as stagestruck townfolk who pin their hopes of being discovered on Corky's hilariously hapless theater production… and on reports that big-time talent scout Mort Guffman will be in the audience. "Waiting For Guffman does for regional theater what This Is Spinal Tap did for rock n' roll" (Jami Bernard, New York Daily News).

    16x9 enhanced, Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Trailer, Retail $14.99/$10.

    Image Of An Assassination: A New Look At The Zapruder Film SOLD!
    Night of the Living Dead: Elite CE SOLD!
    Airplane! SOLD!
    ================================================== ==========
    More titles will be added soon!! Many more titles must go!
    ================================================== ==========


    OOP: Vertigo (with original swirl cover), Seven Samurai: CC (Original with restoration documentary).

    GENERAL: Any Criterion Title, Any movie with John Cusack, Any Anamorphic Anime, Interesting Non-Region 1 Title, Adult Titles (Especially Andrew Blake, Anime/Hentai. NO GONZO, NO CHEAP AMAT).

    SETS: Jazz: A Film By Ken Burns, Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns, Six Feet Under: Comp 1st Seas, Oz: The Complete First Season, Oz: The Complete Second Season, Sports Night: Complete Series, Back To The Future Trilogy, Desperado / El Mariachi: SE, South Park: Complete 1st Season Box, South park: Complete 2nd Season Box, Awful Truth Box 1, Awful Truth Box 2, For All Mankind: Criterion, Traffik, Three Colors Trilogy, Lord Of The Rings: FOTR 4 disc, I Am Curious-Yellow / Blue Criterion, The Osbournes: 1st Sea (Uncens).

    DISCS: Traffic: Criterion, Triumph Of The Will, Mulholland Drive, Battle Royale (DC: Reg 0 Korea), The Straight Story, One Day In September, Donnie Darko, Monty Python Holy Grail: SE, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, Punch Drunk Love: Superbit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, True Romance: Unrated, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Vista), One Hour Photo, Reservoir Dogs: SE, Cleopatra: 5 star, One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest SE, Y Tu Mama Tambien (Unrated SE), Scratch, Porn Star: Legend Of Ron Jeremy, Gummo, Dark Days (Documentary), Wayne's World, Hell Comes To Frogtown, Super Speedway: Mach II, Blue Velvet: SE, Max, Bully, Happiness, Visions of Light (Doc), the Thing: Special Edition, 12 Monkeys CE, Strange Brew, Sound and Vision: Tune Up Disc, The Young and the Dead, Knockaround Guys.

    CHEAP: Toys, Starwoids, Startup.com, Heathers, Being John Malkovich, In the Realm of the Senses, American Mullet, Five Wives, 3 Secretaries And Me, Wigstock: The Movie, Donnie Darko, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Cradle Will Rock, The Ref.

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