are the best company I've dealt with since moving to the States

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    at the risk of sounding like an ad for Tech4Less. I'd just like to say how fantastic they are as a company.

    I bought an IBM X41 Tablet from them a couple of weeks back. When it showed up it seemed okay but two days later, it refused to run off the battery. The OS said the battery was fine but every time I unplugged it, it was as if there was no battery in it, it just went dead.

    I phoned Tech4Less and even though they didn't have any left in that specific lot, they sent me a like-for-like replacement despite the fact that the price of the laptops in the new lot were $300 more. They also sent me a return shipping label so that I didn't have to pay return shipping. I was amazed. I think it's the only company I've bought anything from here that truly stood behind their sale and took a 'you bought it, we'll make sure you get it' attitude, as apposed to the normal, 'we've got your money now so don't give a toss' attitude.

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