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    I have had good luck with TCM Shop in the past but they seem to insist on sending all their digipack releases in flimsy mailers instead of using proper boxes. My last three orders (Early Frank Capra, Dark Crimes, Carole Lombard) have arrived with the DVD sets crushed during transit. The Frank Capra set also had some loose discs that were scratched. To their credit their customer service is excellent and they have promptly sent out replacements for the first two without even asking me to the send the original copies back but there seems to be no way to get them to use boxes. The replacement copies have arrived damaged too. Today I received the Carole Lombard set that was also crushed. I almost feel guilty to ask for a replacement again - especially when the replacement may also come crushed. I really like this store and their exclusive releases but I don't like the idea of paying $40 or more for a set and getting it in a less than perfect condition (OK maybe I am a little OCD about this stuff). Any suggestions ? -D

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