TCM In HD --- When?

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    Reviving an old thread here...
    I've had DirecTV for years, and just got an HDTV about a year ago. TCM on DirecTV is not so bad if they are broadcasting a 4.3 movie like Gone With The Wind or Singin in the Rain. But widescreen/letterbox movies all show up windowboxed because TCM in SD on DTV is not broadcasting in 16x9. As a result I stopped watching TCM. (I'm not gonna use the zoom feature on my set 'cause blowing up a lowres image that much looks like crap)
    Recently switched to TW cable and they have TCM in HD. (I know all about the upconversion, that's not the issue to me at the moment) Now when TCM shows something letterboxed, I get full width and the PQ is worth watching.
    Thing is, TW cable sucks in pretty much every other way. The menus, functionality, etc are all in the stone age compared to DTV's easy elegant sharp and efficient interface and functionality. Most of the special features TW advertises aren't available in my market... but they are cheaper.
    If anyone from DTV reads this I'd love to know why they now carry AMC in HiDef along with some other less exciting channels and haven't made room for TCM HD yet.

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