TAG and HTPC (Sound Problems)

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Peter Petrolhea, Apr 1, 2003.

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    HTPC and TAG
    Not sure which section to put this is, than amp or the HTPC so will try both. Mods feel free to delete whichever you feel is less suitable.

    Ok to my question.

    Is there anyone on this forum using a HTPC with a Tag?

    If so, hows it been? What soundcard do you use? Is it optiocal/coax. Any problems?

    I seem to have a problems when using my HTPC with my AV32R, using coax. Soundcard is a M-Audio Revolution 7.1. Movie plays for approx 5 mins then the Tag looses the signal. The display flassed (48.0KH Top left and the channel markers) as though it is trying to find it. Now thie signal is still there as I have plugged it into my Dennon and it works ok. What I find is that if I select a different input and then go back to the DVD input all is fine and seems to remain fine for the rest of the film.

    I have spoken to Tag and they seem to be aware of this problem and suggested that Ver3.8 may help.

    Any thoughts

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