Syndicated vs. Network version and Syndication Bible

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    Looking at the CBS Syndication Bible, they are showing S2-S4 of The Beverly Hillbillies having been remastered for HD. It also shows that those exist only in the "network" version which would be the uncut episodes.

    Looking down the page, however, it shows that the only available for syndication episodes are the edited episodes. Other shows (Star Trek comes to mind) have an availability of network or syndication versions.

    Why advertise The Hillbillies or other shows as being remastered for HD if those episodes aren't showing as available to be syndicated? Could a TV station get the unedited HD versions and run them alongside the seasons that aren't HD?

    Second question (I'm hoping Neil or someone with some knowledge could help me out) is what about shows with no tape or digital elements available? For instance, Our Miss Brooks shows (as Neil has stated before) no tape masters have been made and only film elements are in existence. I suppose it's a dumb question, but would 16MM prints exist that a station could get for syndication or is it simply not even available at all?

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