Sync Issues When Watching Cable

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Marc_Sulinski, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Ever since I switched from my old CRT rear projection video unit to a Sharp 60" LCD (LED) unit, I have noticed a sync issue with the sound and video. From what I have read, the likely culprit is the 120Hz processing. I like the effect, so I am hesitant to turn it off.
    My configuration involves an HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV, and a coax (or optical, can't remember which) for audio from the cable box to the receiver. The receiver is old (HK AVR7000) so it has no HDMI pass-through, nor does it seem to have a general delay setting to delay the entire input.
    Which is my best option:
    1. Some kind of in-line device for either an optical or coax cable that can introduce a delay (if this even exists)
    2. A new, modern receiver
    3. Tweak the delay for the "Center" setting only on the receiver. It does have this capability. I should be able to get the voices to match, but will this introduce other audio issues, like if someone is talking out of the left/right speaker, or mess with the music syncing up?
    I generally only notice this when watching TV, though it could be an issue with Blu-ray as well, I just don't watch them that often. Does this even make sense? Could it be that the TV can do the processing faster on film-based materials faster than on video-based ones?

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