Symptoms of a failing receiver/amp?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by DavidBL, Feb 15, 2007.

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    I have a 7 yr old Harman Kardon receiver, model AVR-5. It is my second receiver in 10 years, as I was able to upgrade from my old AVR-20 for about $30 when I made the jump to DVD and 5.1 sound (by selling the AVR-20 and getting a good deal on a refurb AVR-5). It has no DD or DTS decoders, just 6 channel analog inputs and my DVD players have always had built in decoders and analog outputs.

    Just recently I have noticed that I have had to turn the volume up significantly to get good listening levels on movies. In the past, -20 to -18 dB was usually good for "kids in bed" watching, while -15 to -10 was "all alone and crank it up." Now I have to go to close to 0 dB to get "good but not overly loud" and crank it all the way up close to the limit of +15 to get loud.

    Is this a sign of failing amplifier circuitry in the receiver? I suppose I'm probably due for an upgrade after $30 and 7 years, but I'm cheap and I hate redoing all of the A/V connections. I have verified that the individual channel gain settings in the receiver and the DVD player have not been tampered with.

    Any advice appreciated.

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