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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by mattCR, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Yep. I have been testing the Nokia for a while, but I finally completely gave up my 4S and switched all my numbers and information over. I had played with the iPhone5 and was pretty disappointed, and while the Galaxy S3 was in the mix, I really liked the way WP8 worked with some of the basic items in my list. So far, I'm very happy. The key features that got me:

    Complete integration of my LinkedIn and Facebook into a simple People hub which makes it easy for me to weed through all the status and get a heads up.
    Default setup of Text-to-Talk over bluetooth for recieving TXT messaging while I drive .. yes, I'm aware there is similar in the Android platform, but coming from the iPhone, this was a VERY nice little bit of programming.
    The 32GB by default in a $99 phone was a nice touch.
    Basic applications I use on a day to day basis are infinitely better. By this I mean: Audible on WP8 is a significantly better app than Audible on my Iphone. It's less clunky, bigger views, more details and a shopping portal.. the iPhone version has really not been updated since the 3GS... same is true with other apps, like ESPN, etc.
    Camera function is very, very good and makes the photos from my 4S look terrible.. the inbuilt ability to save full resoluton photos to Skydrive is a leap and bound above what I had with the iPhone which seemed to save in a fairly compressed format in comparison.
    OneNote. enough said. I had thought this was kind of a joke when people first said it, but the more my wife and I have used it, the more I marvel at how well this actually works.
    Integrated Cloud Skydrive pretty much gives me a near infinite resource, and I'm getting about 12Mb/s download over LTE (which isn't where I want it to be, but that's AT&T) but it's still good enough that anything I want is in easy reach.. but the addition of the Live backend is pretty nice stuff.

    All in all, very happy thus far.

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