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    I have the outstanding SVS PC13 Ultra for sale. $1050 which includes insured shipping via Paypal. Local pickup is of course welcome. I'm in Madison, WI area.

    I am the second owner but it does still have between 1-2 years left on warranty.

    It's in great shape and performs perfectly.
    There are a couple scratches on the amp plate around where the screws are. SVS replaced the wiring a few months ago as the original owner apparently cut the red wire and tried to just retape it back together. SVS also shipped the Ultra back to me in a new box.

    All original accessories such as power cord and foam port plugs are included. And the shipping box is in great shape.

    Insurance for $1k is included.

    Add'l picture available on request. PM if interested or if any questions.

    For references, I have prefect feedback rating on ebay (jperkster), (southpaw) and AVS Forum.[/img]]

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