SVS 20-39CS Subwoofer

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    This is an original SVS 20-39CS, serial number 00078, inspected and signed by Tom V., himself This sub was only used for about one year, then was put back into it’s box and subsequently into storage. It is in excellent condition, with only minor cosmetic issues in the matting due to it’s having been in storage. Never abused or overdriven, it is in functionally as-new condition.

    The 20-39CS is a passive subwoofer, and as such, requires external amplification.

    Anyone familiar with the subwoofer industry, knows the SVS reputation for quality bass, This sub was their very first commercially available product, and it debuted to rave reviews. One reviewer measured it’s output as high as 118dB while playing the 1812 Overture! FYI: I’ve never ever driven this sub to anywhere near that kind of volume, I lived in an apartment at the time!

    Check out the fabulous reviews:

    40” high, by 16” deep, this subwoofer makes a bold statement in your music room or home theater ( can position it horizontally, behind the couch, for a less conspicuous presentation and higher Wife Acceptance Factor).

    Own a piece of subwoofer history, and a darn fine sub, to boot! Sale includes the original packing boxes and materials, carpet spikes, and the owner’s manual.


    Buyer to pay all shipping/insurance, or pick up from SF Bay Area.

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