Suggestion for a decent 5.1 Home Theater (Receiver + Speaker)

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    Hello Gurus here

    I am looking for a decent 5.1 home theater system to hook up my HD cable, blu ray player and PS3 (in immediate future). I am no connoisseur as far as music or sound is concerned.

    I have been living off a Harmon Karon Soundsticks 2.1 system for couple of years and now feel the need to upgrade to a 5.1. My budget is around 300$.

    I have been looking around and narrowed down to HT-S3300 from Onkyo and Denon DHT391XP. I would appreciate if you guys can provide insight into what would be a better system and if there are any other 5.1s I should consider apart form these two.

    Appreciate your help


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