Subwoofer upgrade for my new Magnepans MMG

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by glenm, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Hello. This is a very expensive hobby and Im glad Im not alone LOL. Anyways after reading about Magnepans I decided to sell my reliable B&W 602 S2 and try the famous MMG. I know that it was this forum that I started on this very expensive hobby that lead me to purchase my first equipment- Sunfire, Rotel, Sony SXRD and B&W and Im glad to be a member. Guys I need your professional input about the right sub for magnepans. I heard its all about integrating the sub to the maggies. I have an average room(15x30x10) which I dont mind getting a pair of subwoofer If I move to a bigger place. Im into movies and music and my budget is around 2k. Hope you can help me resolve this matter in choosing the perfect sub for my Maggies MMG. Once again thank you

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