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    Strike Back season 1 & 2 are now available on BluRay from British Sky Broadcasting in a "Region Free" format. The series is based on Chris Ryan's best-selling book Strike Back. Season 1 consists of 3 standalone movies based in Iraq, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Season 2 consists of 10 episodes, 5 stories of action undercover operation "Section 20".
    Video: HD 1080i 16:9
    Audio: Season 1: English DTS HD Stereo
    Season 2: English DTS HD-MA 5.1
    Many of the reviews posted on Amazon USA described the buyer's problems playing the BluRay's in Region A BluRay players. Simply put the discs would not play. None of the reviewers stated their player posted a region code error message. They all stated the discs would not load.
    I love this series and since the players I own are region-free I was not concerned if it turned out the discs were not all region. I am happy to report the discs I purchased from Amazon UK are region free. The player I used was set to region "A" and the discs loaded without problem.
    Because the package shows the video as 1080i it maybe scanned on to BluRay at 1080i/50, which is somewhat common in the international market. Many USA region "A" players can't decode 1080i/50. Region "A" players are made to handle 1080P/24 or 1080i/60. My players are all region-free with 128MB converters for DVD, no converter need for BluRay, and therefore can decode 1080i/50. With the 128MB converter I don't notice any speedup in the playback of non region 1 DVD's.
    My advise is if you want to take advantage of lower prices and buy titles not available in the USA, Cleopatra, A Midnight Clear, Alexander the Great, buy a region-free player. They are no more expensive than a good region "A" player. The players I have are made region free through a hardware change so they can except firmware updates without damaging their region free capability.

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