Strange Sony Receiver Problem (Clicking when off, turning off semi-random)

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by jslost, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hi there. This is my first post here so hello to everyone. My reason for being here, my Sony STR-DH810 has been driving me nuts lately. Here's what's going on. To preface, I have that Sony Receiver, a Sony TV, Playstation 3, Apple TV, and DirecTV box in this setup. All the Sony stuff talks to eachother with the HDMI Bravia Synch feature which works very well. I have the TV connected to the receiver via HDMI and Optical, the PS3 connected to the receiver via HDMI, and the AppleTV and DirecTV connected to the TV direct via HDMI. The TV sends all audio out form those devices to the receiver. First and foremost, the receiver will click about every 10 minutes when turned off. It's that same click sound you normally get after powering it on, it takes a second to start, then clicks right and the sounds starts to come out of the speakers (I think that click sound is normal), but when turned off?? Secondly, the receiver clicks and then turns itself off, but only in very specific circumstances. I have an Apple TV setup which is connected via HDMI to the TV and then with an Optical out to the receiver. The optical input on the receiver is labeled BD. If I want to listen to music from the Apple TV I simply set the receiver to the BD input and sound from the AppleTV comes through the stereo. This works great, except that after about 10-15 minutes of listening (sometimes more or less) the receiver will make that same click sound. Nothing happens at that point but I've come to acknowledge it as a warning. Then about 2-3 minutes after the first click the receiver will click again and power off. At that point I can just turn it back on and the process starts again. I have tried the other optical in on the receiver and get the same results. What is interesting is that if I go to the Apple TV input on the TV and watch a movie or listen to music it works fine. The powering off only happens when I have the receiver set to the BD optical and the TV off. Perhaps when I switch the receiver to the BD optical input the TV (and Apple TV) are also sending signals via HDMI to the receiver. Could this be possible even though the TV is powered off? That seems like a long shot but given the Bravia Synch setup I guess it's possible. So I got two issues, the clicking when turned off and the turning off when turned on (if that makes sense :P). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, J

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