Stock News and Forecast: XM Satellite Radio a better buy than Sirius

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    XM Satellite Radio a better buy than Sirius: Barron's
    Sunday January 22, 1:18 pm ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sirius Satellite Radio's $10 billion stock-market value is greater than rival XM's $9 billion, due in part to its recent acquisition of shock jock Howard Stern's program, but XM is a better choice for investors, Barron's business weekly reported on Sunday.

    The newspaper said in its January 23 edition that XM Satellite Radio's 6 million subscribers, almost double that of Sirius, and its strong partnership with automotive partners will keep it a step ahead of its rival in coming years.

    "Given XM's edge in subscribers, automotive partners, technology and customer-acquisition costs, its stock looks like the better buy," Barron's said.

    XM's partners include all of the major Japanese car makers starting in 2007, but the company was hurt by recent news of weak fourth-quarter growth in new automotive radio subscribers, primarily General Motors.

    XM stock closed down almost 2.5 percent Friday at $27.54 per share, with Sirius slightly down at $6.30 per share.

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